The Clyde Docks Preservation Initiative - Protecting and promoting the evolving maritime heritage of the tidal River Clyde

Protecting and Promoting the Evolving Maritime Heritage of the Tidal River Clyde

Our Culture & Values

Building Networks

We aim to build strong networks with others whose knowledge, skills and expertise can support the delivery of our work and shaping our long term objectives, as well as others whose objectives we can support.

CDPI is not established as a single, self-contained body of detailed and broad expertise. As such our work involves consulting and collaborating with a diverse range of experts and organisations in fields relating to heritage, maritime industry, environmental issues, planning, and more.


While we are keen to address local needs and individual communities, we also aim to avoid taking a parochial approach in our work. The Clyde is a physically connected river and we live in an ever more connected and interdependent world.

We look at community as something existing at all levels in a broad spectrum and not confined to a single local area or special interest group. We operate in local, national and international communities, in social enterprise communities, artistic communities, economic communities, business communities and more.


We believe in working on the basis of open collaboration on a project basis, aiming to avoid outmoded models of hierarchical and often inflexible top-down management. This holacratic approach is common in technology and creative industries and we believe it can be successfully applied to most sectors.

We aim to consider whether regeneration projects could work best through cooperation of independent small businesses, social enterprises, community groups, etc in order to address a diverse range of stakeholder needs and aspirations.


Through our work we aim to promote development of sustainable opportunities for young and unemployed people, in doing so empowering them to take control of their lives. We aim consider whether a less prescriptive approach than has traditionally been taken to address youth employability is needed.

We aim to consider practical approaches to this in a social enterprise environment alongside our key partner organisations and our collaborative network. This needs to be done with an outward looking objective of mutual empowerment of individuals and communities.

Cultural Planning

We believe that taking a cultural planning approach to the regeneration of dockland areas is a useful methodology that can benefit both local communities and the wider socio-economic agenda.

Every place has its own unique DNA, history and geophysical make up. Every place has memories, people who lived/worked and played there. These attributes are rich and priceless. They are also potentially the building blocks for future developments.

Economic Fairness

The way people make a living is likely to change radically as we adapt and respond to concerns of resource management, technology (and its impact on labour demand), population changes and the significant long-term impact of Covid-19.

There are growing discussions about universal basic income that could create opportunities for social enterprise and other sectors that rely heavily on voluntary (as well as seasonal and transient) work. There could also be benefits in terms of community resilience - particularly those that rely on seasonal business and struggle to retain younger people.

Sustainable Development

Looking at how sustainable development issues impact the Clyde region and how they are connected to maritime heritage is at the core of our work and strategy. While the decline of shipbuilding and heavy industry has left a cleaner river, it has also created social and economic problems.

A major element of this is considering how the Clyde can continue to be relevant and develop as a maritime river, while supporting the current and future needs of its communities and the environment.

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